Minting crypto currency, is the act of bringing new tokens into existence. This is what makes Hashing Ad Space unique.

It is the act of watching ads on Hashing Ad Space that “mints” crypto currency tokens each day. 
This minting is the creation of new tokens called “Asimi”

The viewer of the advertisement earns the token(s) each day based on the number of ads watched.

The more ads watched, (minted) the greater the share of the allocation of the newly minted Asimi for that 24 hours. Currently 17,438 tokens are allocated for minting each day. The newly minted Asimi is paid directly into the viewer’s account balance.

We implement a Proof of Stake to qualify our viewing audience.
Each member on Hashing As Space has a maximum limit of ads they can view each day.

This minting limit is set by staking your own Asimi tokens. 
Your Proof of Stake increases your daily ad minting limit for each day.